Personal – Dryad’s Fury


This personal project took longer than expected. At first I really wanted a beautiful and innocent nymph. However, it ended up being a pretty miffed off dryad with hair of a mangled tree and power’s most Greek dryad’s couldn’t dream of.

Needless to say, I would consider this dryad to be a hamadryad, a dryad who is spiritually and physically connected with their tree. With the physical connection, if a the tree were to die, it’s dryad would as well. My little story behind it is someone tried to cut her down and she didn’t like it very much.

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  1. Celestial Elf says:

    Amazing Picture well done 😀
    I thought that you might like my
    Taliesin’s Battle Of The Trees machinima film,
    which also features some Dryads among the cast of actors
    Bright Blessings By Stone and Star,
    Celestial Elf ~

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